"It's a matter of taste"

Not only do Mr. Daniel’s cakes look amazing, but they also taste fantastic! Benny started as a baker and everything he makes come from his personal recipes. The entire cake is edible; however, you may wish to save the top piece as a memento of your special day.

Rolled fondant on cakes is very popular because of the “smooth” texture. Traditionally, fondant is known for not having a pleasant taste; however, Benny Daniel created his own personal fondant recipe that is both beautiful and has exquisite taste.

Bridal Cake Flavors

1. Traditional white cake with:

  • Butter cream filling and icing
  • Almond filling with butter cream icing
  • Raspberry filling with butter cream icing

2. Lemon cake with a filling made from fresh ground oranges with butter cream icing

3. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

4. Our famous Italian cream cake with cream cheese icing

Groom Cake Flavors

1. Chocolate cake with fudge filling and raspberry flavoring that is finished by pouring ganache over
    chocolate butter cream.

2. German chocolate cake finished with traditional German chocolate icing.

3. German chocolate cake with German chocolate filling, finished to look like our chocolate ganache cake.

4. Black forest cake with whipped cream icing.
    NOTE: we will not offer this cake in the summer due to hot Texas temperature.

Groom’s cakes are decorated with chocolate curls, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate shavings, and/or Mr. Daniel’s handmade chocolate roses.

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